Bente Alice Westgård is a choreographer and dancer based in Oslo. Methodically, her work revolves around a dance practice based on continuity, endurance and ways of indulging in the material. In the Death Project she examines different degrees of intensity, how this is produced in and by the practitioner and how this can affect the audience who is part of the stage experience. 


Bente Alice Westgård was born and raised on Straumen, Nordland. Today, Westgård works as a choreographer and dancer based in Oslo. She is educated at the School of Contemporary Dance (2006-08) and at the Oslo Academy of the Arts, Master of Choreography (2015-17). Today, Westgård works to a large extent with her own projects, but also as a practitioner and external eye for other artists as well as having taught at the Department of Dance at the Academy of Arts.

In 2018 she showed ‘Stars in a piece with no name’ at  Black Box Teater during 3 days of dance, and in 2019 the Death Project was co-produced and shown at the same theater. She has now also received support for the performance project Fake Explosions.