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HANDS ON/OFF Katrine Kirsebom

Hands on/off is a series of roaming duets that lets an unexpecting audience meet the unexpected touch.

A touch does not pass unnoticed, it leaves a mark. The one who touches cannot avoid being touched, and thereby risk exposing him- og herself. Bodies and touching allow the tension between culture, society and human nature to be acted out. Moving, improvising bodies may challenge norms, something spontaneous may occur, something no structure can predict and regulate.

After finishing her education as a dance artist and choreographer at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam (SNDO, 1987–91), Katrine Kirsebom has focused on improvisation. A number of her projects research public spaces as a scenic arena:

“I have a kind of hate/love relationship to spaces that are not necessarily advantageous to art, something I find ambiguous and challenging. In a non-scenic space, may another form of intimacy occur than in a traditional stage/hall setting?”