The Den - DEED

Suzie and Mattias established the project- based dance company DEED in 2014. DEEDs mission is to create performances that fit in to contemporary society, struggle against conformity, and convey their own personal message. They are interested in the darkly comic expressions of humanity, and human behaviour and states of mind are very often a source of inspiration.

 Suzie Davies is a dancer, choreographer, actor and writer from Leeds in the UK. She started her career dancing in the Monty Python film ‘The Meaning of Life’ in 1983. She has lived and worked in Scandinavia since 1992 and is based in Oslo in Norway. 

After graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School Suzie joined Uppercut Danseteater in Copenhagen, after which she became an established member of Carte Blanche in Bergen. Over nine years she enjoyed the variety a repertory company could offer and benefited from the challenge of adapting to the artistic profiles of three different directors. During this period she also worked with Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt in Oslo and JazzXchange in London.

Since 2004 Suzie has worked as a freelance artist. She has worked in many different constellations, nationally and internationally, over a broad spectrum of genres. She also works as an actor, dancer and writer with Alan Lucien Øyen’s company, Winter Guests. In 2010 Suzie received the Rolf Gammleng prize for her work as a dancer and for the versatility she has shown as a performer. Since 2012 Suzie has been employed by SKUDA, The Actors and Dancers Alliance in Norway. In 2019 she was the recipient of a 10-year work stipend for established artists from Kulturrådet (The Arts Council) Norway.


Mattias Ekholm is a dance artist, choreographer, coach and artistic director living in Oslo. He has worked as a dancer over a period of thirty years and has collaborated closely with profiled choreographers mainly within the Nordic countries. Notably he has established long and close collaborations with Finnish/Swedish Kenneth Kvarnström and Norwegian Ingun Bjørnsgaard, resulting in several world tours and television productions. Mattias was also a celebrated member of Norway’s national company for contemporary dance, Carte Blanche, over a period of ten years.

In 2006 and 2012 he worked as Rehearsal Director for Skånes Dansteater in Malmö. Since 2012 Mattias has been employed by SKUDA, The Actors and Dancers Alliance.

Today his main focus is on his work with DEED and the collaboration with Suzie Davies. Since the company was established, they have created four full evening productions, choreographed for Dance Conservatoires in England and Norway as well as for the National Theatre in Oslo. In the spring of 2019 Mattias was awarded a choreography stipend for his work as a choreographer by NODA (The Norwegian Union for Dance).