"hello brother" challenges the conventions for what a body or a society can or should be.

Geir Hytten and Stian Vikjord Danielsen are not wrestlers, they are not brothers, nor are they Olympic Champions. However, inspired by the wrestling Rønningen brothers, they embody the concrete nature of the wrestling world, and embrace its shapes and norms.

Wrestling here becomes an image of a macro society where rules and conventions set limits for what one can, and cannot do. At the same time, the fighting bodies on the wrestling mat in front of us gives us a microscopic look at humankind handling life.

In "hello brother", Hytten seeks away from the neoliberal focus on individuality and the potential of the individual. Instead he is looking for an experience of fellowship, "something greater", something "more than one self," that we can "merge into a common body".

Together, we can experience processes and changes that are inaccessible to the single body alone. Perhaps it is in this state of community that we can start to look for the human potential.

About Geir Hytten:
Geir Hytten is a dancer and choreographer educated at London Contemporary Dance School and Laban (MA) London. He has collaborated with several international companies such as Punchdrunk, Vincent Dance Theater, The Cholmondeley’s and The Featherstonehaugh’s, Frantic Assembly, Daniel Kramer / Frauke Requardt (Sadler's Wells), Coisceim and Complicite. In Norway he has worked with artists such as Jo Strømgren Kompani, Impure Company, Brageteatret, Ulf Nilseng, Kjersti Engebretsen, Simone Grøtte, LATERNA (iRo/Skjeldal), Katrine Kirsebom and Karstein Solli. He is currently employed by SKUDA.

Hytten has previously choreographed and performed in the performance "Vi Synger" (2016) made with Marie Bergby Handeland, and "YOUR FAN" (2018). "hello brother" (2019) is his third full-length performance.

Concept/Choreography/Dance: Geir Hytten
Dance: Stian Vikjord Danielsen
Music: Sjur Miljeteig
Scenography/Light/ Costume: Corentin Jean-Paul Marcel Leven
Outside eye: Terje Tjøme Mossige
Co-produser: DansiT
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for Lyd og Bilde og FFUK