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Founder & Honorary member

One cannot tell the story of dance in Norway without mentioning Lise.
The history of the festival is impossible to write without her.

In 1974 she started Collage Dance Company. After having staged over 30 performances, in 2018 she presented her sixth full evening work, V, in collaboration with composer and percussionist Kjell Samkopf. In other words, Lise has been a creative force in Norwegian dance for over 40 years!

But for us it is the guts, openness, curiosity and stubbornness that we most appreciate. For without all these qualities, the capital would not have a dance festival of international prestige. Without her eternally burning energy, dance in Norway would be much poorer.

Thank you, Lise!

Lise is the recipient of the Dance Information Norway Honorary Award in 2015 and the Oslo City Artist Prize 2016.
Since 2017 she is an Honorary Member of the CODA Oslo International Dance Festival.

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