Founder & Honorary member

Starting an international dance festival in Oslo ment a lot of voluntary work and rolling up the sleeves.
Odd Johan did just that in his many roles as board member, festival director, project manager, a trusted confidant and supporter.

With a large network in different parts of the dance community and society in general, he was instrumental in building and developing the festivals workshop program for semi professionals, and creating a culture for voluntary work that could support the festival, especially outdoor events.
The dance scene in Norway have benefitted from his inner drive and ability to get unique and exciting events up and running. A recipient of the Norwegian Critics Prize and Performing Arts Prize, and he is still an active dancer and choreographer. His latest work, Sankthansnatt på Inderøen, premiered in 2018.

Guts, enthusiasm, and an ability to find the solutions needed, Odd Johan has helped establish the festival as a dynamic, open and humanistic festival. He stepped down in 2012 after 12 years, and a fantastic effort given to the festival.

Thank you, Odd Johan!