Untaming Tradition

Guest curators

Mia Habib/Elle Sofe sara/Sudesh Adhana

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Untaming tradition- a full day experience at Riksscenen.

“Untaming tradition” is a title referring to contemporary dance today and its relationship to traditions and cultural backgrounds. This day aims at inviting multiple artists to directly or indirectly point at the term traditions.

“How does a process of’ untaming’ tradition open up a space for choice making? A choice making for the societies, communities and futures we want to build. A process of challenging tradition by questioning it, transforming it, or looking at it from a distance”. Mia Habib, Elle Sofe Sara and Sudesh Adhana.

We have invited three choreographers to curate a full day experience at Riksscenen. Presenting their own works and those of other artists, they want to encourage open discussions concerning identity politics, social issues and political voices. Dance films, live performances, conversations and food will all be part of the day.

Sudesh Adhana is a contemporary dancer and choreographer based in Oslo, originally from India, and works across Indian film traditions and western contemporary dance. Elle Sofe Sara is from Guovdageaidnu and her works include film, theatre and choreography. Mia Habib is an Oslo-based choreographer and is working across performance, installation, publications and film.

A link for the full program for the day will follow shortly.

The performance is presented in collaboration with Riksscenen.

Performance credits

Guest curators: Elle Sofe Sara, Mia Habib and Sudesh Adhana

Guests: Marita Isobel Solberg, Sajan Mani, Yaniv Cohen, Jassem Hindi

Supported by Kulturrådet