Honorary member

Lise Nordals’ own words best describe Trines’ importance to the festival:

“Without Trines’ spirit and enthusiasm, an unwavering belief that the festival was an important art project, and her positive and constructive role as a creative partner, the festival would most likely not exist today.
Her capacity was huge, and many hours were spent after a long working day as Head of Culture in Bærum Municipality, and during off days and holidays. Always voluntarily and unselfish.
Through a long working career she established a huge network which she willingly offered and open up for the best of the festival. Trine is an open and inclusive presence, bridging gaps and making connections, and during her nine years with the festival she has been a brilliant dance ambassador“

From the start she was a board member, vice chair from 2003, and acting chair from 2007-2009.
Essential in establishing and developing the festival, Lise Nordal will always hold most precious Trines’ role as a close supporter throughout.

Thank you, Trine!