The Den - ULF

ULF goes Religious part 2 / Brother-Making In the trilogy «ULF goes Religious», sexuality and religion are explored. Part 1 delved into themes such as belonging, togetherness, lust and pain in encounters between men. In part 2, ULF looks at love and the ritual of «Brother-Making», playing with traditions, ceremonies and morals in the relationship between two people. Photo: Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus, Oslo


Ulf Nilseng is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer, making performances about queerness, in collaboration with various artists through his company ULF. Ulf has been granted three years of funding from Arts Council, Norway to make a trilogy of dance, which aims to examine the relation between queer and religion. The work consists of three parts, a trio, a duet and a solo, and will be presented in the years