Gravity and levity

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16th OcTOBER 7PM Duration 20Min County Hall FREE

The vertical dance duet “Why”, created in 2004, formed the keystone in Gravity & Levity’s first full length touring production, re-imagined with the same creative team and cast 15 years on.

Two people faced with a wall. Waiting, time rushing by, suspended, drifting. Acceptance. Surrender.

The audience will experience a sense of the unknown. A visceral connection to the work to go with the unfolding experience and challenging of perceptions and perspectives. Tension, letting go, exhilaration.

Gravity & Levity is an aerial dance company led by Artistic Director Lindsey Butcher, rigorously exploring the creative and expressive potential in applying a dance aesthetic to aerial suspension techniques, liberating and intensifying the possibilities of each. The company’s work has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of aerial dance, offering an alternative to traditional aesthetics in both dance and circus. G&L works with multi art form artists on both indoor

This performance is supported by Oslo Kommune


Choreography Fin Walker

Composer Ben Park

Musicians: Guitar Huw Davies, Percussion: Steve Gibson, Cello: Rebecca Jordan

Performers Lindsey Butcher & Lee Clayden

Rigging technician Tom Ratcliffe