Wednesday 16 October

Dansens Hus, Studio Stage

Rachid Ouramdane offers a workshop based on his current research interest around the principles of accumulation, aimed at professional artists or advanced dance students. Art always proceeds by accumulation or reduction, said the art historian Alois Riegl, at the beginning of the twentieth century. In a cyclical movement, the accumulation, an additional strategy of the forms or elements that make up the work, reappears in a recurring manner.
But it does not come under a mathematical addition procedure. It conceals a process of simplification at the same time, by reducing the creative protocol to the repetition of the same gesture, and of complexification, because, in this repetition, in the diversity of expressions, a level change, a moving issue of art.  It is around these issues that drive his current research, that Rachid Ouramdane will propose a workshop.

Rachid Ouramdane has been creating works of choreography since 1995. His body of work is inspired by his studies of diverse subject matter and is often developed in collaboration with filmmakers or authors. Ouramdane strives to create art that contributes to ongoing social debates and evokes the poetics of testimony.

Rachid will present his show, TORDRE at Dansens Hus, Oslo