24 October 09.00 - 16.00


Et Langt Liv i Scenekunsten – nettverk for erfaringsutveksling og kompetanse/“A long life within the dramatic arts - network for exchanging experiences and competence”, invites you to this seminar and workshop focusing on the legal and psychological aspects of setting boundaries and how to deal with this in practice. Understand your rights and get familiar with situations and reaction patterns and you and others around you should deal with them. We relate to other people on a daily basis, at work and in our everyday life, and often face situations where boundaries are tested. Testing boundaries is human, our own as well as others. So, how do we take ownership and relate to them? In the dramatic arts, boundaries are sometimes even more vague than outside the work situation. As part of our profession, we often work with intimate situations both physically and emotionally, and the intention is not always easy to comprehend. Consequently, these boundaries might need some extra attention. 

In this workshop, Ita O´Brien gives an introduction to her INTIMACY ON SET GUIDELINES and what she considers “best practise” when taking part in work related intimate situations, simulated sex scenes, and nudity. 

Film about Ita’s work:


09:00: Welcome
09:05: Ita O´Brien part 1
12:00: Lunch
12:30: Ita O´Brien part 2
16:00: Round-off

Pris: 650,-
Maximum number of participants: 10
Sign up: Apply for a place by e-mail including current CV to
Criteria: Young/experienced/senior professional artist
Preparations: None
Bring: Comfortable clothing, notebook and pen
Form: Lecture, exercises 
Objective: Increased focus on intimate boundaries in your professional life in particular and in your private life in general. 
Aim: Increased awareness and ownership concerning your own and other’s boundaries in a work situation. 


Ita O'Brien is an Intimacy Coordinator and Movement Director for film, television, and theatre. 
During a long life within film, TV, and theatre, British Ita O´Brien has seen the need for clear guidelines concerning intimacy in the work situation. For the last five years, she has worked with incorporating her INTIMACY ON SET GUIDELINES into British and international film, TV, and theatre, with the aim of creating predictable and safe working conditions for actors, directors, and production team.   
For the last five years, Ita O'Brien has been developing best practice when working with intimacy, scenes with sexual content, and nudity in film, TV, and theatre – the 'Intimacy on Set' guidelines. Ita pioneered the role of Intimacy Coordinator, which is gaining adoption in leading production houses, including HBO, Netflix, and the BBC. 
Ita's work has been featured widely in the media, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Irish Times, Cosmopolitan, The Evening Standard, The Stage, The Sunday Times, BBC, NBC, Radio New Zealand, ABC, and RTE.  

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